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Project Food collection and distribution

ACP Humanitarian Aid gathers 12 associations from Turin which help homeless, ex convicts waiting for employment, families with a single-income or no regular income. Those associations also act in healthcare, prevention and integration fields.

One of the most important activities is the collection and distribution of long-life and  fresh food, including fruit and vegetables.

ACP Humanitarian Aid makes available spaces with refrigerators, storage and areas for food and clothes distribution. In 2018 we collected 40.000 kg of food and 20.000 kg of clothes.

Current situations and future challenges

In some Italian areas, the unemployment rates are hitting 23% mark, while 40,1% of are young people are out of work (2016 ISTAT data). ISTAT has recently estimated that 4.742.000 people are living in absolute poverty. A material poverty often leads to a spiritual and moral poverty of the person, who ends up in a state of isolation. For those people being part of society becomes always harder. Challenges are copious and huge. ACP can't tackle them all, but decided to take action and give a contribution, upholding rooted local organizations.

Economic needs


Refrigerated van


financed by sponsors

Cold storage room


Recurring annual costs


Warehouse's rent and bills


Transport (collection and shipping)


Staff and management

Our concrete commitment

We have a warehouse with refrigerators for food storage. Volunteers take care of the collection and the distribution of clothes, toys and teaching material. We also have relations with shopping centers, trade associations, relevant authorities and volunteering groups.


Developing the collection in supermarkets and fruit and vegetables markets. Gathering teaching material through collections in superstores and manufacturing companies and giving it to students at the beginning of the school year or through Gift Box Action.

Updated June 2019

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