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ProjectClothes collection and distribution

This second hand clothing storage has been thought to give needy people clothes in good condition. Everybody can go there and leave clothes, blankets and sleeping bags. The centre is run by volunteers who select and distribute clothes to whom is in need.

Current situations and future challenges

In some Italian areas, the unemployment rates are hitting 23% mark, while 40,1% of are young people are out of work (2016 ISTAT data). ISTAT has recently estimated that 4.742.000 people are living in absolute poverty. A material poverty often leads to a spiritual and moral poverty of the person, who ends up in a state of isolation. For those people being part of society becomes always harder. Challenges are copious and huge. ACP can't tackle them all, but decided to take action and give a contribution, upholding rooted local organizations.

Economic needs


financed by sponsors

location set-up

Recurring annual costs


Rent and bills



Our concrete commitment

We collect and stock second hand clothing and then we distribute it to homeless, refugees and marginalised people in Rome and its surroundings. We also set up and send clothes to other ACP centres in Italy and abroad.


Sensitising local companies so they can donate their products. Expanding the collection for babies and children (0-12 y) with strollers, prams, beds, bikes, toys, teaching material and sports equipment.

Updated June 2019

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Print and spread it

Along with your donation, we kindly invite you to download this sheet and forward it to your contacts.